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Learn the latest strategies for multichannel implementation to achieve a single customer view
Wednesday 4th February 2015
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The 6th Annual Omnichannel Retail Summit 2015

Wednesday 4 February 2015            

Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1

Every retailer of every type is making the move towards omnichannel. Customers are more demanding than ever before, their time and their loyalty is hard-won, purchases need to be made on the move and retailers who don’t move with the times are paying the price. But while the traditional methods of retail have changed and been augmented, multichannel technology is evolving: 4G, micro-payments, contactless, social media, video commerce, personalisation – keeping abreast of current trends or future ideas is vital.

The use of mobile technology in a retail environment has become a critical part of the multichannel journey. It's easier than ever to compare prices and products online, and retailers need to continue to invest in their websites and their ‘omnichannel' offer so that customers have choice, convenience and flexibility when they shop.

In the boardrooms of retailers and etailers, the strategies and approaches to multichannel retailing have evolved and matured at speed. Above all, the customer must be at the centre of these developing strategies, with technology the enabler rather than the protagonist of change, with an acceptance that a strong omnichannel model is a prerequisite for long-term survival. You need to be where your customers are and provide them with a seamless customer experience whatever the channel of delivery – we will show you what best practice in this new environment looks like, aided by the success of some high-profile brands.

Attend this interactive, retailer-led conference to find out how to:

  • Deliver flexibility, improve operational efficiency and support the business’ multichannel customer engagement strategy
  • Enable your bricks-and-mortar retail channel can survive and thrive the digital revolution
  • Understand customers that are engaging with retailers across multiple touchpoints – the extraordinary growth of mobile and tablets
  • Investigate e/mCommerce strategies that work and ascertain what is right for your organisation
  • Improve customer engagement strategy – adapt to accommodate the multichannel shopper
  • Create efficient big data and the single customer view – effective personalisation
  • Keep on top of the management challenge – ensuring brand delivery is effective and efficient
  • Use multichannel as a launch pad to global expansion
  • Blend customer insight across all channels to optimise customer experience
  • Integrate social media and the impact of social networking on the shopping experience

This retailer-focused summit is designed to enable you to maximise profits and market share through cost effective, engaging and seamlessly integrated multichannel strategies. This is a must attend event for key decision makers and opinion formers in the UK retail industry to help brands better coordinate their multichannel marketing activities.

With excellent networking opportunities throughout the day and a chance to ask our multichannel experts your burning questions during our interactive sessions, can you afford not to attend this crucial event? 


“Very good overview from many different sectors”
Archaeology Plus
“Very beneficial, lots to think about for the future”
Calender Club
“Great to see what journeys other businesses are on”
“Many thanks for organising a fabulous event - I thought the quality of the speakers was second to none and it was fascinating to see what was high on the agenda in other sectors of industry and how they are tackling the current economic climate”
Phones 4 U
“A great opportunity to get some ideas on how to tackle the challenges we all face in retail”
“Excellent content and networking opportunity”
“Very insightful”
“A lot of useful content, great retailer presentations”
River Island
“Thank you for a very informative conference, it was extremely interesting and very relevant - I would be very keen to attend next year”
“Speakers and topics deserving of much more than one day out of the office”
Total UK
"Thought provoking, helpful and interesting - lots of insights to think about!
The Carphone Warehouse
“Another excellent conference and a very worthwhile investment of my time. Timely and relevant content”
“Varied contributors -I have taken away some good insights”
Pets at Home
"A phenomenal way to hear the current trends, hear about struggles and successes of retail leaders"
"Great content – very open environment and sharing of knowledge and learning"
"Hugely reassuring to hear that so many companies, both large and small, have exactly the same issues, challenges and problems as us. Very useful to hear how they are approaching these challenges"
Presto Classical
"Open and valuable content from a wide variety of speakers – both client and supplier side. I will be sharing my learnings with the wider team"
Very/Shop Direct
"A really valuable conference that seems to get better each year" Boots "A great mix of formats and perspectives – whilst keeping focus on the most important issues"
Gravis Germany
"Excellent day – looking into an exciting digital world!"
Xo2 Consulting Ltd
"Another excellent event. Delivering information relevant to the challenges faced by retailers in what is a difficult climate"
Cardea Solutions

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